Motherhood – Chapter 1 – Your First Heartbeat

I am writing this series of my experiences for you my baby. I want you to know every little detail of how you entered this world, how we – your parents, felt and welcomed you, how tears rolled from our eyes when we saw you in every Ultrasound sessions or when you moved inside my tummy. You are our bundle of joy and happiness. There are n number of stories behind every day when you were growing inside me. I hope you will enjoy reading these stories.

July 2019, Standing still in front of the mirror, I was looking at the two pink lines . How was I feeling?? – Don’t know. Butterflies in the stomach –  Happiness or Anxiety – Don’t know. An experience of missed abortion 8 months ago has left me spellbound. The loss I faced at that time was my biggest fear this time.

Leaving all thoughts behind, I calmed myself down and informed my husband about the good news. He naturally had the same feelings like me. We searched for gynecologists in our nearby location and visited one. My doctor prescribed a few medicines and asked us to visit again after a few weeks with the first ultrasound. The anxiety was killing me every day. From that day onward I knew that my husband will be the best father…best Papa for you. He left no room in taking care of me. No matter what would be the result after 9 months but I knew that he loved you already. I can’t thank God enough for choosing him as my life partner and as your father.

25 July – The day came when I had my first ultrasound. We left office early that day as per our appointment with doctor. And in few hours I was lying down on bed in front of the doctor. Your father was so nervous that he hesitated coming inside. And just in couple of minute there it was….’dhak…dhak…dhak‘!! It was THE BEST EXPERIENCE I tell you. Doctor told me that baby is healthy and everything seems perfectly fine. Your father was called inside and again the device was rolled. ‘dhak…dhak…dhak‘!! I saw tiny tears in the corner of his eyes. We both had goosebumps when we looked at each other. 

We left the clinic and finally informed everyone in family about the good news. The ray of sunshine has entered our lives and we were so happy to start the journey together. After-all, its the time to change our status from ‘happy couple‘ to a ‘happy family‘.

– Sristi Singh (Blogger)

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