Motherhood – Chapter 2 – Dancing Hands & Fish Like Mouth

So, from July 2019 onward my pregnancy was going pretty smooth, no such complication and I was enjoying every moment. Though the working days used to be hectic - travelling, office, household jobs but I had setup a proper timetable and it was allowing me to give time to others things as well like morning... Continue Reading →

Motherhood – Chapter 1 – Your First Heartbeat

I am writing this series of my experiences for you my baby. I want you to know every little detail of how you entered this world, how we - your parents, felt and welcomed you, how tears rolled from our eyes when we saw you in every Ultrasound sessions or when you moved inside my... Continue Reading →

Birthday celebration in school days

Last week I visited my sister's home on the occasion of my nephew's seventh birthday. The birthday morning my nephew woke up early and took blessings from all the elders in the family and started getting ready for the school. He was super excited for skipping school uniform today, wearing new clothes and most importantly... Continue Reading →

Discovering the lost smile

Like every other day, she took her grocery bag and left home for the nearby market. While closing the door she confirmed the checklist- vegetables, fruits, milk, snacks. She pressed the button and started to wait for the lift. Something was going on her mind, lost somewhere in her thoughts. She was not upset but... Continue Reading →

Traveling Alone……..

I recently watched a short movie named 'First Period' which is about how a first period would have been treated if men menstruated instead of women? Would it have been the same way as it is for women today? I really appreciate the director and writers who portrayed this topic in a very clean and... Continue Reading →

The Wind beneath my wings

My soulmate...the only person on earth who understands me perfectly, loves me and protects me from troubles. She is none other than my elder sister, yes I call her 'the wind beneath my wings'. Sometimes our husbands are jealous of our bonding..LOL! My sister and I have seen a lot of things together in our... Continue Reading →

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