Motherhood – Chapter 2 – Dancing Hands & Fish Like Mouth

So, from July 2019 onward my pregnancy was going pretty smooth, no such complication and I was enjoying every moment. Though the working days used to be hectic – travelling, office, household jobs but I had setup a proper timetable and it was allowing me to give time to others things as well like morning & evening walks, reading books, timely meals etc. I am not that foodie but my pregnancy increased my appetite. I was always ready to eat.  Fruits, Dairy products became my companion. My husband was showering care and affection every moment. His sweet, lovely messages made me happy and cheerful throughout the day. I was enjoying the moment, leaving behind the worries about delivery, career, baby care etc.

One more month had passed and one day during our regular doctor visit we were informed about a medical complication which could pass to the baby leading either to my miscarriage or health issues for my baby. I was shattered. Didn’t thought of something like this coming up. I was told to start the Blood thinner injections immediately and take them in every 24 hrs. I was horrified because I was already scared of injections and these daily ones, I had to inject by myself. I panicked just by imagining the situation. Tears were rolling from my eyes and all through our way back home my hands were stick to my belly…to my baby.


I gathered courage and started injections without any delay. It was to be done till the last months of my pregnancy. It used to bleed every-time I inject…sometimes less, sometimes more. They left black scars all through my belly and thighs. Most of them were gone in 6-7 days but some of them remained as it is, as part of my pregnancy memories.

Two more months passed and I had my ultra sound again. So far I had started feeling some fluttering in my stomach, specially when I took meals. I was curious to see the progress my baby has made. Ultra sound scan was started…and there we go…a little baby structure on the screen. Tiny legs…tiny hands…face with eyes, noses and lips in a very initial development stage. One hand with fist was continuously moving upward as if it was doing some dance steps. O God!! my baby is already a dancer. The mouth…yes!! like a fish was moving its lips…ready to kiss me. Doctor helped us to identify every organ. Development was good and doctor was happy with the progress going.

Those dancing hands and fish like mouth made our day. Diwali was about to come and we already had the best Diwali gift with us. Its moving, its dancing, its smiling..its happy and making us happy even more. Nothing beats the experience we had. Those pains, those scars…nothing matters….after-all, I have found the ointment for them.

– Sristi Singh (Blogger)

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