A token of Love to all my crushes

Dear Crushes,

Before you all begin to read this letter I would like to thank everyone of you for making my life lovely and very beautiful. I met you all in different stages of life. With some I had talks, with some there were only eye contacts and with some it just ended with sneak looks. I do not know if that was suppose to be called love but of course every single time I saw you I definitely had butterflies in stomach. You made me love myself and feel good.

Hey! my school-time crush, we never talked much but I secretly admired you. Because of you I discovered myself. I took courage to do things which I might was afraid of doing. Seeing you clapping at my win after every competition encouraged me to win again and again. I participated in every activity organized in school with one hope that I might get chance to team up with you. But whenever the situation came I hold myself back because I lacked courage to face you. I was afraid that you might read my expressions and my secret will be exposed. Hope of meeting and seeing you was always there somewhere whenever I visited the cafeteria or the sports ground or the auditorium. I enjoyed looking secretly at you and trust me you made each school day worthy.

You were a good friend and I spent long hours talking to you which I truly enjoyed and miss the most today. Yes, My College crush, this one is for you. You were unique in yourself and that’s what I liked the most about you. You taught me life is about living every single moment to the fullest without thinking about the outcomes. When I was fighting for the existence you were holding me, when I was alone you were always by my side. Eating lunch secretly on the back benches while attending lectures, secret SMS chatting during lectures & lab periods, bunking classes and spending time in canteen –  you mixed fun in every moment and made life happening for me. I thank you for the friendship we shared and I forgive you for the moments where you hurt me, disrespected me and broken my trust. Regardless of what good and bad we shared, I will always remember you for the beautiful memories we created together.

couple hands making heart

To my movie crushes…there were many crushes I had from various movies. You all don’t know me but we met…..Yes, in my dreams. I met each one of you in my dreams….the dreams from which I never wanted to wake up. Sometimes I was the princess living in the castle on top of the mountain, sometimes I was the typical school girl, sometimes I was the girl with magic wand in hand and sometimes I was the girl struggling hard to achieve my dreams. In every such dream I saw you making me feel special and worth loving for. I was your princess, you were my Hero…The Hero who fought for me, who went through all odds to reach me, who gave me goosebumps whenever you hold my hands…of course in my dreams . You build the faith in me that everything has a happy ending and I will also met the sunshine of my life with whom I will live happily ever after.

Happy woman enjoying herself on sunset

So, with this letter I thank each and everyone of you for coming into my life, creating memories with me and giving me lessons for lifetime. You made me what I am today. With you I discovered the side of myself which I might have never known. On one side you made me mature enough and on other side you taught me the importance of laughing, dancing  and enjoy the crazy stuffs in life. We are not in touch anymore but will hope that we met someday and cherish those memories over a cup of Tea.

Life is too short to grieve over bad memories. Live, Love and Laugh. 


Your Secret admirer

– Sristi Singh (Blogger)

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