Motherhood – Chapter 5 – Endless Bombshells

When I left the OT with the good news there was happiness and excitement in the air. Just the imagination of how my family would have been informed about the baby arrival, was filling me with joy. I was very eager to meet everyone and witness their happiness. My husband was the first one allowed... Continue Reading →

Motherhood – Chapter 4 – Its a Boy

19th Feb 2020, I was lying on hospital bed waiting for my turn to OT. I was getting updates from my husband on phone about what's happening outside, who are visiting the hospital and by when. By 12:30 PM I have gone through all required tests and medicines and was told that at 1 PM... Continue Reading →

Introvert – A lone wolf ?

Maanas was always a shy child -  quiet, reserved and happy in his own world. A bright student, top rank holder who loved spending time in reading books, writing and solving puzzles. Maanas' parents: Ridhi and Shekhar never got any complaint about Maanas from school or from neighborhood. What else a growing child's parent would... Continue Reading →

Birthday celebration in school days

Last week I visited my sister's home on the occasion of my nephew's seventh birthday. The birthday morning my nephew woke up early and took blessings from all the elders in the family and started getting ready for the school. He was super excited for skipping school uniform today, wearing new clothes and most importantly... Continue Reading →

Discovering the lost smile

Like every other day, she took her grocery bag and left home for the nearby market. While closing the door she confirmed the checklist- vegetables, fruits, milk, snacks. She pressed the button and started to wait for the lift. Something was going on her mind, lost somewhere in her thoughts. She was not upset but... Continue Reading →

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