A page from a Stay At Home Mom’s Diary..

Its 7th June, 2022 today and I complete my 6 months as a Stay at home mother. I had my son in 2020 and touchwood by God's grace I was able to get back to my job soon after my maternity period got over. Things were running fine personally & professionally but in Dec, 2021... Continue Reading →

Managing People with More Expertise than you

When I decided to switch my job and join a totally new domain to work into, I was very excited. Excited with the thought of learning something new, experiencing a different environment, a different work culture. New people and new challenges. How exciting it sounds? Isn’t it? Within 1 week of my joining I discovered... Continue Reading →

Introvert – A lone wolf ?

Maanas was always a shy child -  quiet, reserved and happy in his own world. A bright student, top rank holder who loved spending time in reading books, writing and solving puzzles. Maanas' parents: Ridhi and Shekhar never got any complaint about Maanas from school or from neighborhood. What else a growing child's parent would... Continue Reading →

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