Introvert – A lone wolf ?

Maanas was always a shy child –  quiet, reserved and happy in his own world. A bright student, top rank holder who loved spending time in reading books, writing and solving puzzles. Maanas‘ parents: Ridhi and Shekhar never got any complaint about Maanas from school or from neighborhood. What else a growing child’s parent would want? But, Ridhi was always worried due to introvert nature of Maanas. How will he survive in this competitive world? He had no close friend except Vicky who was the only secret keeper for him, with whom he used to play and hang out with.

Ridhi and Shekhar both worked for a private bank. They doubted if their son will be able to survive and succeed in such private job. One need to socialize, out-spoken and should have a good network of people to manage in private sector and Maanas will definitely lack behind . He should go for a career option where he has to work individually and public speaking is minimal.

Maanas always dreamed of becoming like his father where he dress in formal suit , leading and guiding people. He wanted to get appreciated and awarded like his father for excellent performances at workplace. But slowly and steadily he realized that he was ill-fit for such private jobs like what his parents thought. He was already facing consequences of his introvert nature in school and then in college. He was labelled as an arrogant person. Most of the times he was alone, even in the crowd. He felt invisible in friend gatherings. Teachers took him as diffident and doubted his public speaking capability. His volunteering for debate, speech competitions were rejected. These all have shattered Maanas‘ confidence and he himself started doubted his potential. He accepted that his dream job is not suitable for him because he do not have the qualities to succeed in private sector.

The only person who knew about Maanas‘ capabilities and dream was his childhood buddy Vicky. He encouraged Maanas to pursue MBA after graduation. Maanas, against his parents’ wish went for MBA. He worked hard in showcasing his potential and the result was his high salaried job in a UK based financial organization. Not only this, within two years he got promoted as Supervisor of the organization. He deal with clients, teammates and manages the entire workflow. He took the firm to greater heights with his innovative work ideas and deep knowledge. In-spite of all these, he still prefers reading a book at home rather than going for a Friday party. He enjoys listening to people rather than talking about himself. He still is judged as rude on meeting someone for the first time. If he is still the same then how he managed to succeed in his profession? A not very out-spoken person is dealing with clients and doing public speaking. How?

The answer is very simple – Its all because he wanted to do something like this and he enjoyed it, no matter if he is introvert. Introversion does not mean that one is fainthearted, shy, arrogant and glossophobic. It is another way of spending your life. It is all about focusing more on internal thoughts, self-awareness and thoughtfulness rather than socializing with many people. Sometimes, we become so judgmental about introverts that unwillingly we affect their confidence and enthusiasm to do anything in life.

If an introvert prefers to read a book at home rather than partying out with friend, its because reading is his preference. If they do not involve with everyone in public functions, its because they see no point in casual talks with each and everyone around. They prefer few deep and close relationships rather than hundred of casual relationships. Spending time alone makes them channelize their energy and its their choice, not a fear of dealing with crowd. If they talk less its because they like spending time in listening  and thinking. They keep emotions private because they pour real heart out and do not fake. Trust is important for them to get open with any person. They are the best leaders because they do not crave for limelight, instead providing opportunities to others makes them more happy. Highly creative and deeply insightful makes them patient while making decisions.

Public Speaker

So, before judging an introvert, spent some time in knowing that person. Knowingly or unknowingly you are misunderstanding that person and may be hurting because you think he or she is serious and rude. Be patient and give some time while working with someone introvert. Later, you will see the strong, creative and knowledgeable side of the person. He can be humorous, polite, caring and innovative.

Introverts have great potential and they can well succeed in private sector. They are good speakers, leaders and managers. Introversion is a strength and if it wasn’t so, you would never knew Mark Zuckerberg as the founder of Facebook but just as some computer programmer. You would never knew Bill Gates as the founder of Microsoft but just an some another computer programmer. You would never knew Steven Spielberg as the filmmaker but just as some photographer. They all are great leaders and speakers.

Personality traits does not define success in life. Capabilities and Willingness does.

– Sristi Singh (Blogger)

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