Motherhood – Chapter 5 – Endless Bombshells

When I left the OT with the good news there was happiness and excitement in the air. Just the imagination of how my family would have been informed about the baby arrival, was filling me with joy. I was very eager to meet everyone and witness their happiness. My husband was the first one allowed to meet me. He kissed my forehead and told that he met our baby and he is doing fine. As soon as I was shifted to the private room, family & friends started visiting and congratulating me. For seconds, I forgot about my pain by seeing those happy faces. But I was waiting for someone else…..yes my son Avi. I was eager to see him again and hold him. Soon, my doctor came to check my status. Before visiting me, She met the pediatrician involved in my case to know about my baby’s condition. She told me that they are going to keep Avi in NICU for 48 Hrs under observation. Does that mean I cannot see him for 2 days? That whole night I was unable to sleep…endless pain….inability to move my body even for an inch…tears were rolling from my eyes every-time I thought about my son.

Somehow 2 days passed. I was recovering well. Around 11 am I was informed that Avi is doing perfectly fine, his tests are done and reports are good and by 2 PM they will shift him to my room. A wave of happiness filled the room. It was difficult to wait now. Finally the time came and nurse handed over Avi to my mother in law. Wrapped in blue towel he was cooing softly. Tiny little hands of which one had cannula wrapped with white cotton bandage. Everyone was waiting for their turn to hold him…his Mama, his sister, his Papa and at the end me. We clicked multiple pictures with him. I breastfeed him for the first time. The experience was ineffable. That whole night I was again unable to sleep….but this time looking at my son and cherishing the moment. Time and again I was checking on him if he is alright. He was calm…so beautiful…so delicate. Words are simply not enough to express how I was feeling. Next morning I was supposed to be discharged and go home. Excitement was at the utmost.


Our eagerness and excitement vanished when doctor came and told that one of Avi’s report is negative as he got some infection. The cure is to give him 3 shots of injection everyday continuously for 15 -21 days – with 8 hours gap between every shot. Avi cannot be discharged as his immunity was weak and he must stay in hospital under doctor’s monitoring. I could not imagine going home without my baby and leaving him alone in NICU for so long. My discharge process was completed but we decided to get admitted again so that I can be with Avi in a private ward and his monitoring can be taken care in front of me. Though I was still recovering from my cesarean and needed support in doing daily activities but staying with Avi was very much relieving. I was able to feed him, talk to him, hold him and hug him.

By God’s grace Avi responded well to the doses and after a week doctors allowed us to go home. Instead of staying in hospital we were asked to visit thrice everyday for the rest of the doses of injection. Though it was hectic to visit hospital thrice a day – travelling and staying for 3-4 hrs in hospital till the injection was given, but being at home felt good.

It took time but things got normalize with passing days. Avi’s reports came and he was alright. The doses were completed and finally after 15 days the cannula from his hand was removed. My son is a fighter. I never imagined that I can ever handle so much stress..the physical pain…the mental tension. Watching your husband running everywhere, getting exhausted and you just can’t help him out with anything…watching your child suffering with pain, crying but all you can do is to wait until he is back in your lap.


All I understood from my experience that your happiness is shared by everyone but pain is your own. No matter how much your family, your friends support you & stand next to you, its you who has to fight the battle and tackle all the difficulties. Becoming parents is easy but to uphold and fulfill is the real challenge. Time slip by and everything becomes a memory…few things we remember for long and few we forget in few days, but, the lessons are for lifetime.

The bombshells were endless but the peace at the end was worth to adore and feel great about.

– Sristi Singh (Blogger)

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