Motherhood – Chapter 4 – Its a Boy

19th Feb 2020, I was lying on hospital bed waiting for my turn to OT. I was getting updates from my husband on phone about what’s happening outside, who are visiting the hospital and by when. By 12:30 PM I have gone through all required tests and medicines and was told that at 1 PM I will be taken for the operation. Clock was ticking fast and soon I was on stretcher on way to the OT on next floor. As soon as I left labor room and entered the corridor, my eyes searched for my husband. He was there…I wanted to hold his hand, hug him tight to get some relief from my anxiety. But I couldn’t. We exchanged looks and said nothing. I was moving, he was standing. As the distance increased between us, my heartbeat got faster. Tears started rolling from the corner of my eyes. I was unable to control my emotions. Soon my doctor came and comforted me.

At 1:45 PM, I entered the OT. A complete team of doctors prepared and waiting for me. On one side all the surgical tools were showcased..on another side multiple screens and web of wires were lying down. A whiteboard was hanging on wall on right side of the bed..Patient Name: Sristi Singh..few more details added and few columns left blank. An anesthetist soon introduced himself to me and took first step to start the process. My hands were folded, head was down and was given anesthesia on the back. Things speed up suddenly. I was laid down again, hands stretched , needles injected, curtain thrown in front of my eyes. Procedure started, everyone was talking except me. I was listening to their conversations and was chanting Hanuman Chalisa in my mind.  In few more minutes, I felt terrible pain in my arms and then in my chest. A doctor came near me and started pressing my chest. Before I could have understood anything, I heard a Baby cry. There it was…finally…I forgot all pain..wanted to just take a look. Will someone please show me my baby? I hope everything is fine…I heard cry only once. Had they taken the baby outside? Why is there no more crying?

Thousands of thoughts were moving in my head. In few more minutes, I heard doctor counting “1..2..3…suction…1…2..3…suction”. Is that my baby? Why is suction required? What is happening on the other side of the curtain? I was eager to know but was helpless at the same time. I cannot panic as my operation was still in progress. Few more minutes passed…and here it was again…my baby crying…crying again…more loud and more clear. I felt relieved.  Finally, The pediatrician came near me..holding my baby in hand….wrapped in green cloth….pale yellow body, blue nerves clearly visible…eyes closed…calm and composed. I wanted to touch….wanted to look to my heart’s content….wanted to hold but I couldn’t. They took the baby outside. Operation procedure was still in progress. At 2:45 curtains were removed, operation was done. I was shifted to the stretcher to take me outside the OT.

Again I took a look at the complete room. Lights were off, doctors were washing hands. I glanced at the whiteboard again…few more details were added there. Patient Name: Sristi Singh, Baby’s Gender: Boy, Date of Birth: 19-02-2020, Time of Birth: 02:19 PM. I blinked my eyes twice and read again. Yes, I read it correct…I was officially a MOTHER of a baby boy Avi.


– Sristi Singh (Blogger)

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