Motherhood – Chapter 3 – The Longest Night

People say pregnancy is the most beautiful feeling for any woman. Giving birth to a new life is a miracle and the complete journey of those physical and emotional experiences is incredible. Mine was also not different…beautiful yet full of nightmares. The hormonal changes which I was experiencing were not at all helping. The difficult part of this beautiful journey which no one explained to me before, was way too hard. Trust me….sometimes I felt that I can slap, nip or even kill someone.

The time till second trimester has gone very well. But with the entry in third trimester problems started. Sleep Deprivation, Frequent nature calls, Itching, Cold & Cough, fatigue…all these became part of my routine. Getting up early in the morning, going to office, spending non stop working hours, long travels while sitting in same position, sleepless nights were worst part of that time. I was trying my best to take care of my hygiene and health. Still twice my water level gone down. Injections every day has become so normal that my skin has gone numb.

Due to my medical complication,  doctor told me that I cannot have a normal delivery, in-fact I should not wait till the due date, as it may be risky for the baby. As soon as 36th week of my pregnancy will end, I will have to go for the C-Section delivery. My due date was 17 march but we decided to get it done on 3rd march. Even after knowing this level of criticality, I was not able to take proper rest because of my schedule. Hence, I decided to take maternity leave 2 months before my due date. I did not wanted any mishappening this time. This was my only time to relax and spend time with my baby who was quite active and moving very frequently in my belly. I took leave and stayed away from all household work. My husband managed everything, from his own office to our household chores. I started working on the list of items which I will need in hospital, thing I have to purchase for my baby and for me. I did some online shopping as well.

16 Feb 2019, my birthday…Early morning I gave blood for a blood test asked by my doctor. After that, we decided to go to the nearby Mall and hang out to refresh my mood. I got my pictures clicked, after-all it was my 9th month of pregnancy. Last pictures with my baby-bump. Next day my blood reports came and were not good. Doctor asked me to get Ultra Sound scan soon. Next day we again went for the scans. It was done and by 12 PM we shared the reports with doctor. In no time, she replied “Get admit to the hospital today itself. 24 hrs you have to be on observation and we will operate you tomorrow“. Reading her message shocked us. How can I get admitted suddenly? My hospital bag-pack was not ready. I had not purchased baby cloths. No elder at home to help us. This was not the plan. I knew I had to deliver before my due date but not so early. Our brains have stopped working. But it was no time to think, it was time for action. We did essential packing and left for the hospital. Family members were informed. On our way to hospital, we discussed finances, documents and informed everyone needed.

By 7 PM I was admitted to the hospital and was put under observation. My case study was ready and shared with the doctors team. That complete night I was under observation. There were many other expecting mothers in the Labor room, everyone with a different story – a different challenge. I was told to take a good sleep that night but it turned to be the longest night for me. Unable to sleep I had thousands of emotions flowing inside. First time in whole pregnancy I was actually scared..scared of what will happen next. Looking at the ceiling of the room I prayed and left everything to God. I have done my part. From this moment…this night…its all in his hands. God bless me & my baby!!

– Sristi Singh (Blogger)

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