Birthday celebration in school days

Last week I visited my sister’s home on the occasion of my nephew’s seventh birthday. The birthday morning my nephew woke up early and took blessings from all the elders in the family and started getting ready for the school.

He was super excited for skipping school uniform today, wearing new clothes and most importantly the chocolate distribution. I was watching his excitement and it reminded me of my school days and the birthday celebrations we used to have at our time. How important we felt in those moments. Like a celebrity…with whom everyone wanted to shake hands, everyone wanted to sit with in the class and who was free from all the punishments on the very special day.

My nephew returned from school in the evening and I asked him about his day and how everything happened today. He started narrating from the beginning. During morning assembly all the students who had birthday today were asked to come up on the stage. He also walked to stage in his new white t-shirt and blue denim. All the students sang the Happy birthday song and cheered for him. After the assembly was over, he went to his classroom. Once the class teacher came, again he was asked to come in front of the class. All the students stood up on their places and sang song for him. Then, he distributed chocolates in the class. His best friend accompanied him to distribute chocolates in other classes. The teachers in other classrooms and staff room, everyone was so nice with him. Everyone was throwing kisses and hugs over him. He felt as the best student of the year. At the end, he went to Principal’s office which by the way is the most scary place to visit and anyone visiting it generally means a scolding session. But not today for him. After-all, he was the birthday boy and the Principal also showed love and affection to him. During the lunch break, he gave extra chocolates to his best buddies as a gesture of close bonding. Thus, his birthday celebration went very well and happily in the school.

All the while when I was listening to my nephew, at the back of my mind something else was going on. I was picturing my birthday celebrations in school time. From colorful dress to birthday song, from chocolate distribution to Principal’s office, I remembered all those small but similar moments which I had lived.

I realized that over passing years, few things have not changed at all. It’s good and comforting to see that our children are enjoying similar moments which we also witnessed in our childhood.

– Sristi Singh (Blogger)

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