Discovering the lost smile

Like every other day, she took her grocery bag and left home for the nearby market. While closing the door she confirmed the checklist- vegetables, fruits, milk, snacks. She pressed the button and started to wait for the lift. Something was going on her mind, lost somewhere in her thoughts. She was not upset but had no smile, no glow on her face. Nothing much has changed in last few years after all. Waking up early  morning- prepare breakfast & lunch- go to the office- work full day sitting at same place- return home in the evening- take a cup of tea or coffee- go to market for grocery- return home & prepare dinner- watch television while waiting for husband- have dinner- do preparations for next day’s breakfast- lights out and go to sleep. For last 5 years she has been following the same timetable. But with passing years, the enjoyment and happiness of this perfect life has gone away. It has turned into a routine now. She loved her work, her husband and was doing very well in every aspect of her life but she never realised that her beautiful smile has turned into a fake one.

She left the building and entered into market. The vegetable shops were set up under plastic shades and various fruits and vegetables were lined up in baskets. At a distance, there were some stalls for chat papdi, bhelpuri, idli-dosa. Afterall it was evening already and soon there will be a good crowd on these stalls. An old lady was sitting on a mat on roadside selling fried bhutta (sweet corns). It was monsoon and people enjoy such seasonal food. A family was also there a few steps ahead, with their shop of pottery items. 3-4 children of that family were running to every person on the road requesting to buy the pottery goods- pots, jars, lids. Everyone in the market was busy. Responsibilities, Duties, Needs were spread all over the market.

After doing the required shopping, she entered into a Salon to get a hair cut. In next 15 minutes, the weather changed suddenly. It became dark outside with duststorms. Soon it started to rain heavily. She decided to wait inside Salon until rain stop. When the rain turned into sprinkling , she left the Salon with fast paces. She had to reach home before it start to rain again.

The market scene was changed completely. 30 minutes of rain and wind has blown away everything. Due to blocked sewage lines, the road was flooded with water. She was walking carefully with her feet drowned in water. The family at the pottery shop was gone. The items were covered with few plastic sheets which were barely able to protect all the pots and goods. Few broken pots and jars were lying on the roadside. Probably the sudden weather change has caused chaos in the market due to which the items fell down. They were now completely waste for the family because from broken pieces they can not earn money. The lady selling the sweet corns was also missing from her place. There was only mud and water at that place. Even if the rain stops completely, she will have no place to sell the corns. Does it mean she will have no income today? The snack stalls were empty. The wheels of the stalls were drowned in water. The stall owners were doing something in the water pipes on roadside. Oh!! They took out some plastic bags and garbage from pipe’s opening which were blocking the water flow. Hoping that sellers can open their stalls again, she moved forward. None of the vegetable vendors were on their shops. But, where are the shops? The plastic roofs were blown away in rain. It was difficult for anyone to reach the shops as there were water and mud all around. “Thank God, I purchased everything before rain. How difficult will be the day for all these shopkeepers, vendors and sellers. They all must be very upset.”, She thought.

With such random thoughts, she reached the market end where she saw some children sitting in a circle near the corner of a wall. She tried to look from the gaps. What are they doing? Completely drained in water and mud they were busy in something. Suddenly, a loud cheering voice shocked her. The children stood up and started shouting with happiness, clapping and jumping in water. The children spread soon and on the wall corner she saw a small shade. The broken pottery pieces were flattened on the ground making a rectangular floor. Few long sticks were entered in mud, on all four sides of floor. A vegetable basket which might have blown away in wind, was placed on the top of the sticks to create a roof. The basket was tightened to sticks using corn leaves. Two puppies were sitting under the basket shade. A small girl crossed her from behind with one more puppy. She put it under the shade with the other two. Puppies were all wet and shievering. Children were still clapping and jumping with happiness. Puppies were overjoyed in their new home and jumping with happiness.

She was still standing and watching all this. The only change was that she had a big smile on her face. She was overjoyed and felt immense happiness in that moment. It was getting dark. She went near the puppy house, took out a biscuit packet from bag and placed biscuits on the beautiful floor. Puppies again started jumping and children clapped and cheered her.

She left the market and entered her building. Again, she was standing in front of lift. She pressed the button and started waiting for the lift. This time she had a real beautiful, sweet smile on her face- full of happiness and satisfaction.

Look around and you will find happiness in small things. Busy life can become boring and monotonous but never forget to live moments which are around you. Find out the key of your insta happiness 😉 🙂

– Sristi Singh (Blogger)

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