90% Marks just not enough!!

CBSE class 10th results are declared and my niece secured 91% marks. I feel proud of her because I have seen her hard work and dedication throughout the year. I called her to congratulate but guess what my niece was crying. She was disappointed as her marks are below her expectations. I tried to console her with silly jokes like 10th results are of no use, except for verifying your date of birth in future. But, I do understand that this result has affected her confidence, may be will also affect her preparations for Class 12th board exams.

The Competition is so high these days that scoring 90-95% is not at all enough and acceptable. I feel disappointed with how Indian Education System is running and nobody is bothered about quality education . Its only the quantity of marks which matters today. I wish I could make my niece understand that marks neither craft a good career nor are they guarantee for a happy and successful life ahead. I can say this because of my personal experience as I have also faced this ‘Expectations ka pressure’ when I was a student.

Today, I am living a happy life with a good job, nice salary but trust me in building this life for me I see no role played by my marks scored in 10th, 12th or Graduation. Whatever I achieved and what I am doing is due to my interest and knowledge of that field. In fact, I have many friends who were never very good at scoring marks but are working today with leading Companies just because of their talent and knowledge.

It never matters if you are able to score well or not in exams. If you have passion for what you have chosen as your career, you will also give your best. You will always put your best foot forward . Sooner or later your talent will be acknowledged. Instead of pressurising students to score high, parents and teachers should encourage on enhancing the knowledge. For a successful career, two things matter: doing what you are passionate about, not what your friends are doing or parents are expecting and second thing focus on gaining knowledge as much as you can without bothering about exams and marks.

I hope this illusion of  “High Marks == Successful Life”  can be broken someday and we can see some realistic education methods and exam results in future.

– Sristi Singh (Blogger)

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6 thoughts on “90% Marks just not enough!!

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  1. It is actually very sad.sometimes I feel that parents expect their child to score good marks so that they can show off this thing in their social circle..May be I am wrong it’s just an observation which may be wrong

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    1. Parents are not able to accept this fact that they somewhere are putting the pressure on children knowingly or unknowingly. They are afraid of SOCIAL STIGMA.

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  2. This is true…parents social status k liye bachcho ki khushi bhul jaate hain….we guardians are responsible for their stress and pressure.

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