A short story..

There was a monkey and a bird who lived on the same tree in a forest. The Monkey was aggressive, cruel and troublesome in nature whereas the bird was calm and modest.

Time passed and weather started to change. Rainy season was coming so bird started to rejuvenate her home so that it does not get damaged when thunderstorm hits the forest. She has to protect her children from the rain so she worked daily to make her home strong enough. On the other hand, monkey was busy with his life, jumping around from one to another tree and creating troubles for other animals. He enjoyed annoying everyone. Bird saw the monkey wasting his time and not creating a shelter for himself so she tried to talk to monkey and asked her to work on his shelter otherwise he will die in the rain. The monkey has deaf ears for her words.

One night, heavy rain started with thunderstorm. The bird saved her family because she have the shelter but the monkey was completely wet and shivering due to cold. Bird was feeling bad for the monkey and said “I told you to build a shelter but you did not listened to my words.” Monkey busted into anger and destroyed the nest of the bird. He threw away the nest. Bird lost her home and her family but she could not do anything now.

The moral of the story is:

Seekh wako dijiye, jako seekh sohaye,

Seekh na dije Baanara, ki ghar baiyyan ka jaye!!

It means “Never give advice unless you are asked for it. Advice should be given to someone who is worth of your advice and who respects what you say. If you waste it on some unworthy and stupid fellow, it will be harming you in future. So, think before you say.

– Sristi Singh (Blogger)

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